daRoller Relaunches Conveyor Roller Website


daRoller websitedaRoller has relaunched a robust new website for its line of gravity and driven conveyor rollers used by conveyor manufacturers across North, Central and South America. The site is simple to navigate and contains complete informative and technical data regarding the company’s line of products.

daRoller’s gravity conveyor roller solutions include gravity non-precision bearing, gravity precision bearing and gravity tapered sleeve rollers. Powered conveyor roller solutions include powered grooved, powered grooved tapered, powered sprocketed, powered poly-vee and powered poly-vee tapered. The company will also customize the conveyor roller based on need.

The new website includes a downloadable product catalog as well as a specification sheet for each series of rollers. Engineering data is available in a Resource section of the site.  Visitors can request a quote directly on the site by providing detailed information in a simple to use input form.