Light Running Conveyor Roller From daRoller Requires Just 12 Grams to Start Rolling

da RollerCINCINNATI, OH (September 22, 2020) – daRoller has introduced a new light running roller that requires just 12g (0.026 lbs) of turning effort to cause the conveyor roller to start rolling. Based on daRoller’s 1200 Series gravity roller, the light running roller is built with high-quality ABEC precision bearings and a grease/oil combination for lubrication. It allows the conveyor to run easily, quietly, and smoothly even when moving light goods. Proven and trusted, there are millions of these rollers in use around the world.

According to Ms. Joan Morgan, President and CEO at daRoller, “When you're moving very lightweight items along a conveyor on a slightly angled slope, or in a high-speed sorting application, simply getting the rollers to turn can sometimes be a challenge. The items simply do not have enough weight to overcome friction and inertia. Our light running roller solves that problem.”

The new roller comes equipped with a polymer housed bearing, an end cap designed to protect the bearings from dust and liquid, and spring-loaded shafts on both ends and the tub. The axle rollers are double spring retained, with internal threads or pin-retained available as options. The tube is galvanized for corrosion resistance.  

For more information contact daRoller at (513) 898-1850, or visit their website.